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IT-IS MyGo Mini Promotion
IT-IS MyGo Mini Promotion

MyGo Mini fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument Features

   MyGo Mini is a compact full spectrum of high-performance real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument , its weight is only 1.8k, detecting 16 hole samples at the same time (compatible with 0.1 / 0.2 ml PCR tube ). It can also collect two signal channels ( channel may optionally ) the fluorescence signal , which can meet the needs of scientific research , teaching, diagnostics, veterinary and food detection and almost all the small sample size to detect the fluorescence quantitative PCR applications.

Product features:

1,Absolute quantification and relative quantification

2,Melting curve The end-point method of genotyping

3,High resolution melting curve (HRM)

4,Support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems

5,Available from the computer only control instrument operation by U disk